Feroz Shah Kotla Ground to be renamed Amit Shah Takla Ground

Feroz Shah Kotla Ground to be renamed Amit Shah Takla Ground

Amidst all the name changing spree going on in India, particularly Uttar Pradesh of North India, social media is buzzing with a demand to change the famous Feroz Shah Kotla Ground in Delhi, named after a muslim ruler to be renamed after the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party supremo Amit Shah.

Though the idea is lucrative for the bhakts, opposition parties are against it arguing that Amit Shah’s bald head may have a direct impact on the grass of the field. Some have even demanded that the government moves an ordinance prohibiting Amit Shah to visit the ground as the baldness of his head may infect the ground and may severely affect the greenery of the field.

However bhakts argue that the ground should be rid of the grass to allow foreign teams to play there and instead be used as a kabaddi ground, which does not necessarily need any grass, and in that scenario Amit Shah’s head is an ideal icon for the proposed field.

Though Amit Shah was not available for any comments, it is speculated that he knew about the GST in advance and took measures to keep his head out of hairs to avoid paying any gst if imposed on hairs.

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